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In our store you can find many traditional products such as noodles(hilopites),trahanas,greek delights,Halva Farsalon,baklavas with homemade pastry,preserved sweets.

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The smile is never missing from here. The environment will make you feel like you have been a customer for years. We are do not profess this is are of familiarity.That is the way we are...This is us...and if it was a secret,now it is something that you all have knowledge of.

Traditional Products "Tsiatsos"
The traditional products of Lamia are famous throughout Greece and beyond. Great names of the past contributed to the spread of reputation. Laou Square, the most historic square directly of the town is directly linked to tradition and its products.Today,worthly succesors of history and tradition,Tsiatsos' products come to remind us of the purity,the taste and the artistry of a bygone era.

In the heart of the picturesque Laou square the residents of the town and the lucky visitors have the chance to choose traditional dishes among the numerous products that are created at Tsiatos workshop.An immaculate workshop where modern technology and eagerness for work are ideally matched with selected local raw materials(eggs-milk-butter)and create mouthwatering dishes that stand out.

In our workshop we produce whole-almond butter "kourampies",traditional "hilopites"(noodles) with eggs and milk,tasty trahanas,and a wide range of greek delights (almond,walnut,bites,sutzuk loukoum etc),homemade "baklavas" with handmade pastry and a large variety of syrup sweets.

Tsiatsos store has honoured and respected Lamia's tradition for years and has played important role in the perpetuation of the local reputation for fine traditional products.


Handmade Baklavas

A good dessert that will bring you many many years back in time ,because we made with the same way like the old women in greece. Trademark of Roumeli.


Many products can be sent in Greece and abroad.