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In our store you can find many traditional products such as noodles(hilopites),trahanas,greek delights,Halva Farsalon,baklavas with homemade pastry,preserved sweets.

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The smile is never missing from here. The environment will make you feel like you have been a customer for years. We are do not profess this is are of familiarity.That is the way we are...This is us...and if it was a secret,now it is something that you all have knowledge of.

Karandreas Products

A pioneer family in 1930 Karandreas produced kurabiedes, noodles and traxana.
In difficult times, working with passion raw materials were plentiful in the region - such as eggs from the countryside, milk and butter from the herds of rations - managed to stand out. He Lamia known products not only throughout Greece - having won the Gold Award for Quality kourambiedes the Thessaloniki International Fair in 1936 - but had also export.
In 2007 the company of family Karandreas over by the family Tsiatsou. The acquisition was made because we believe in Lamia products because we believe in the history of Lamia. A city that embraced the first moment of our business and not for what we want with nothing to betray the trust they showed us.
Our course thus far, showed that we honor and respect the history of Lamia in these products, and a guarantee for the future and for products Karandreas.
The package that took the first place


Handmade Baklavas

A good dessert that will bring you many many years back in time ,because we made with the same way like the old women in greece. Trademark of Roumeli.


Many products can be sent in Greece and abroad.